Jetlegend Jets

Jetlegend have been manufacturing high quality, great flying jets for many years and are also sold by BVM  as their 'Go Fly' aircraft.

However, the build is exactly the same aside from the bubble trap and air fill valve!

All Jetlegend jets listed may be purchased as a basic ARF (almost ready to fly) with finishing required by the customer to full PNP (plug and play) with everything fitted aside from the turbine, receiver and batteries. You can decide on the build level or equipment spec you want.

The customer may customise their own requirements to suit their particular specification and/or budget.

Obviously this makes site pricing quite difficult so if you're considering purchasing you should contact me to discuss your requirements.

Jetlegend jets are built to order/specification and take 20 weeks for delivery. 

Prices shown are for the full PNP version at current exchange rates but please contact me for latest price.

Plug and Play Jets come with the following as standard/factory fitted (depending on model):


  • Landing Gear, Gear Doors and Air/Speed Brakes (were applicable)
  • Custom paint (out of the mould) includes insignia etc.
  • Light System
  • Smoke System
  • All Servos (HV, High Torque), linkages and control horns
  • Retract/Brake Valve system and Digital Sequencer (controls retracts, brakes, nose leg centering on retraction, failsafe, battery voltage, optional RPM and pressure indication)
  • Fuel Tanks (plumbed system)
  • Full Servo Lead Set
  • Scale Cockpit
  • Bubble Trap
  • Fuel Filler
  • Air System Filler

Delivery costs have risen over the last year so prices do not include delivery from China; a quote for shipping will be requested from the factory.

Jetlegend YAK 130 1:5

Jetlegend YAK 130 1:5

The Yakovlev Yak-130 (NATO reporting name: Mitten)[6] is a subsonic two-seat advanced jet trainer an..


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