This large-scale F16-C may look like a daunting prospect to fly but it has wonderfully predictive, easy handling and large flight envelope resulting in excellent slow-speed handling. 

The 1:5 F16-C features:

  • Lightweight - around 20Kg depending on engine/ordinance/equipment installation.
  • Servo operated opening canopy
  • Pneumatic Airbrakes
  • Robust scale landing gear


Length: 120"/3m

Wingspan  80"/2m

Weight: 46 Lbs/20.9Kg

Power: 200 - 220N

You can select from a base ARF up to full PNP version. Please call/email to discuss (price shown is the full PNP version).

Plug and Play Jets come with the following as standard/factory fitted (depending on model):

Landing Gear, Gear Doors and Air/Speed Brakes (were applicable)

Custom paint (out of the mould) includes insignia etc.

Light System

Smoke System

All Servos (HV, High Torque), linkages and control horns

Retract/Brake Valve system and Digital Sequencer (controls retracts, brakes, nose leg centering on retraction, fail-safe, battery voltage, optional RPM and pressure indication)

Fuel Tanks (plumbed system)

Full Servo Lead Set

Scale Cockpit

Bubble Trap

Fuel Filler

Air System Filler

Link to F16 1:5 Flight

Jetlegend F16-C 1:5

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